An Ovarian Cancer diagnosis.
It never truly leaves you.
Even when you’ve been told that you’re N.E.D.
Once those initial waves of euphoria have passed and your emotions begin to crash… what then?

Hi, I’m Mimi Fong…

As a Master NLP Practitioner and a specialist in both Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy, I’ve spent my life helping people resolve their issues, find themselves again and live lives of impact and purpose.

And over the years I’ve helped so many.

But now it’s all different ...


Because I too am a Teal Sister…

I know what it’s like to get that death sentence diagnosis…
I know what it’s like to agonise over treatment decisions…
And I know first-hand what it feels like to be classed N.E.D.

So, I am you.
You are me.

Together we have a bond that others just don’t understand.
How can they?

I also know what it’s like after you come out the other end…


Too many Teal Sisters have been so focused on surviving, they’ve forgotten how to thrive…

Every day, great women just like you are worrying about the future and how to regain control of their lives.

Well-meaning people say, ‘life is automatically supposed to return to normal’.
But you and I both know it doesn’t. And I’m guessing that you feel it never will.

You’re still concerned.

The ‘C’ word is never far from your thoughts.

You had all this tremendous support during treatment… but where’s that support now?

People just don’t get it.

The Life Journey after treatment isn’t easier.
It’s just different. Some days it may seem even harder.

During treatment there was a reason to feel bad. Now the bad days seem to pop up with no reason.
Yet, we forget, the so called ‘normal’ people have bad days too.

Just as it takes time for your body to recover, it takes time for your mind, your emotions and your soul to reset too.

And the people closest to us… the people we love… can’t always help, no matter how genuine and well intentioned. Because they just don’t get it.

The spouse who looks at you but still has a tinge of fear in their eyes…
The child who adores her mum and is desperate to believe that they can make it all better with a kiss and a hug…

Not only does ovarian cancer try to destroy our bodies ... it seeks to damage our relationships too.

After years of working with people who are stressed and hurting, I’ve learned a thing or two about helping people rediscover themselves, gain a real new hope and live a whole new life.

A life that does not seek to forget the past.
But a life transformed into something better and brighter than before.

I want this for you too!

So, I’ve put together a special, private membership group just for Teal Sisters everywhere.

In the Teal Circle, you will find so many life enhancing resources - and they are free for my members.

To get my help, or just to connect, you can email me at

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"Mimi truly understands the importance of patient-centred care through her lived experience with ovarian cancer. Disease-focused treatment often leaves patients emotionally vulnerable. Support is crucial in shifting the focus back to them by providing social connection, empowerment and personal healing. Mimi uses her skills as a health coach to provide such support for those who may find themselves lost in uncharted territory. I daresay her cancer diagnosis was a blessing in disguise and I’m excited with the thought of her connecting with others for after-treatment support and guidance."

Dr Jung-Yoon Huh (MBBS, FRACGP, Diploma in Woman’s Health, Diploma in Child Health, B.Pharm)
General Practitioner
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