If you’re on the fence about my 12- Week Personal Coaching Program, I have great news.

Every week I hear from good people just like you that need my help but at the moment their circumstances just won’t allow for that to happen.

They feel that the time’s just not right - no matter how much they need my help.

We’ve all had a couple of hard years with COVID and lockdowns. And now all we hear about is recession, recession, recession.

All this doom and gloom just adds to the increasing pressure we feel and piles more stress, overwhelm and anxiety onto our already too full plates.

For some, the $6,000 investment was just a little out of reach…

I totally understand all of these things.
Let’s face it, if things are tight right now, investing in my 1:1 program is a big nut to crack.

That's why I have created the Emerald Evolution.

I wanted to find a way to give you the same kind of help my personal clients enjoy,

I want to make available to you the same resources they can access so that you too can work through your issues.

Everything I’m including in Emerald Evolution is designed in bite-sized chunks for you to consume and implement in just 20-30 minutes each day.

What does that mean in practice?
Simply this….

In less time than it takes you to brush your teeth, you can take the steps to deal with such debilitating issues as

As a member of Emerald Evolution you don't have to buy expensive books - that you know you’ll probably never read anyway OR go into debt [rack up those credit cards] to invest in expensive coaching.

But that’s NOT all…

You will also get exclusive access to a private Facebook Group. A safe space where you can

Read daily bite sized pieces of NLP wisdom 

Watch a 30-minute live coaching session each week

Get written answers for your questions following each live session

  • Read daily bite sized pieces of NLP wisdom 
  • Watch a 30-minute live coaching session each week
  • Get written answers for your questions following each live session
Maybe best of all… you will have exclusive Open Access to me by Messenger. Send me your question when you need.. and I’ll send you my response. And if your issue needs more than a message you can even book a couple of hours of my time. 

1 Issue
1 Solution
2 Hours

To make Emerald Evolution simply the best service out there, I’ve gathered together the best of my resources - just for you.

That's thousands of dollars worth of previously private resources…

Now, in case you're thinking

“So, I get access to the same courses and resources as your private 1:1 clients?

Surely there’s a catch?”

Well there is.

The catch is that I’m only opening Emerald Evolution at this price for just 7 days.

You only have until midnight AEST on 31 October 2022 to secure your spot.

After that it will probably be a month before I open enrollment again. And then the price will almost certainly be $100 a month more…

So if you're interested - or even just a little curious -

Oh, and as for the monthly investment?

Well, you’ll have to Go Here to find out.

But, I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

"I was at a really bad point in my career. It was starting to interfere with my everyday life to the point where I didn’t have the motivation to do anything. I didn’t seek any other help as fortunately I came across Mimi’s name first, however in hindsight she was exactly what I needed. As I didn’t realise my issue with my career was far deeper than that … 

It was my entire outlook on life! If I had just focused on my career change I don’t think I would be where I am now.

No exaggeration … it has been a complete life change. I’ve even incorporated the tools Mimi has given me with my children and in all aspects of my life outside of my career. Without Mimi’s program I would still be unsure about my next step. The skills and techniques I have picked up from Mimi will help me for the rest of my life … absolutely no doubt about it.

Mimi … I don’t know if I can say it anymore – you have literally changed my life." Karenza Horwood

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